Vex is a name of a gaming series that many players all across the globe know and love. These are games with a very simple design but addictive and challenging gameplay. You play as a stick man that needs to complete the levels by reaching a certain point. To get to that point, you need to go through all kinds of traps scattered across the course. The controls are very simple, although you will need to be quick and skillful to avoid all the traps and overcome each obstacle.

Vex video games are classic platformers. This is a genre of games that requires completing the levels and getting from point A to point B. To get to the finish line, players need to jump on the platforms, climb the ledges, avoid deadly traps, etc. This is a game of skill, and the levels definitely get harder as you progress. However, there is nothing to worry about as all Vex games were developed with casual players in mind. The only controls you have are the arrow keys or WASD for moving sideways, jumping, and ducking. The initial levels of each game in the series are very accessible for everyone, and their difficulty increases slowly, allowing players to master their skills.

While there are many different subgenres of platformers, this is the most simple one that only requires jumping around and avoiding traps. There are no bosses to kill or complicated puzzles to solve. This is pure platforming fun that so many gamers enjoy. Even with such simple controls and design, Vex video games have a lot to offer. The levels are built nicely to provide a gradual increase in difficulty. They are simple enough for all gamers to play comfortably, but you might need to step up your game toward the last stages.

Why platformers are so popular? Players enjoy Vex games for many reasons. Here are some of the main reasons to try these titles out:

  • Classic platforming – this genre is one of the most iconic in video games history with classic titles like Donkey Kong or Super Mario Bros. Platformers have been gaining popularity again for the past decade with incredible indie titles that added a lot of twists to the genre and offered unique designs. However, this genre has never really gone out of style as it is the staple.
  • Simple yet challenging – the controls in Vex titles are as simple as they could get, but the games are just difficult enough to make them exciting and not boringly easy. Overall, their difficulty is set to suit all audiences as browser games need to be accessible.
  • Convenience – there are many titles in Vex games series, and all of them can be played on the Internet. Players do not need to download games or even pay for them as these titles are accessible in any browser for free.
  • Trophies – in addition to engaging gameplay, players can also collect various trophies in Vex games. They make games even more fun and enjoyable.

All Vex video games available online can be found in the catalog in their respective category. Just peak one of them and start gaming.