Tired of classic PC games? Mood to play pranks and have fun? The Troll Games category is exactly what you need!

What are Troll Games?

Each generation has its heroes and hobbies. It so happened that among today's youth, the legendary Troll Face has become one of them. Are you sure you've never heard of him? This is simply impossible! You cannot avoid meeting this face on the Internet or forgetting it!

This hero knows exactly that you need crazy adventures and incredible plot twists. Without them, it is simply impossible to imagine stories with his participation. What fun awaits users who are not afraid to go into the Troll Games universe?

  • Pranks and more pranks. Troll Face is sparkling humor and constant jokes on numerous characters that you meet along the way. You are probably familiar with some of them! The more interesting it will be to follow the jokes of the protagonist and take part in them.
  • Consecutive levels, where completely unexpected events await. You don't think Troll Face is the only one who knows how to have fun right? Despite the resourcefulness and originality, the character can become a victim of the draw. Is it possible to avoid jokes from other participants? Perhaps. But for this, you need to try very hard.
  • Achievements for pumping pranks. Character abilities always need to be improved, even when it comes to trolling. What awaits those who did not have time to improve their skills? Get ready to be buried under the jokes of more nimble players. It is unlikely that anyone could wish for this!
  • Striving for leadership. Everyone wants to be a winner, let alone Troll Face. But not everything is so simple because thousands of players from different countries are ready to fight in comic battles for the title of trolling champion. Do you have the resourcefulness to smash your opponents to smithereens? Are you smart enough to be the leader of the standings? It's time to check!

Who will like Troll Games?

Projects in this category will appeal to users who cannot imagine their lives without humor. If you know how to turn any word spoken to you into a joke and do not skimp on barbs against other people, Troll Face will become one of your favorite heroes.

It doesn't matter what game genre you have in front of you. Irony and sarcasm will be appropriate both in shooters and adventures and in the calmest puzzles at first glance. With trolling, the world becomes brighter under any circumstances.

It is possible that at first, the Troll Face universe will seem strange and reckless to you. But trolling does not always strictly meet the expectations of others! If you are going to troll opponents, experiment and do not stop there. This is an endless process from which you can get incredible delight.

Try trolling once and you won't be able to stop. Check it out in one of the projects in the Troll Games category!