The tattoo is an incredible art that has traveled to us since ancient times. It is one of the most magical ways to decorate your body and emphasize individual features, stand out from the crowd, feel more confident, or disguise scars. In some cultures, drawing patterns on the body had a ritual basis. For example, people applied henna patterns on girls' palms and feet on their wedding day. These drawings served as amulets and wishes for good luck in marriage. Each curl in the picture was part of a talisman. In some cultures, tattooing is still considered a symbolic activity.

Meanwhile, modern society perceives drawings on the body exclusively as decoration and a way of self-expression. Some come to a tattoo artist only once to inscribe a memorable event, date, or symbol. Others are willing to endure the pain and care for the pictures because they like the way it looks. In any case, even the most hidden tattoo is a cute detail.

Who are tattoo games made for?

As it is extremely hard to remove a real tattoo from the skin, no artist will accept to apply it to children. However, the first serious interest in this art emerges among teenagers. Fortunately, there are many amazing tattoo games where you can learn more about all the features of the tattoo artist's work and find great patterns for inspiration.

Tattoo games are also useful for adults. The thing is, every pattern is a conscious choice. You should definitely know the most important things:

  • Where exactly should it be located (arms, legs, shoulders, wrists, chest)?
  • What inscription or picture are you ready to see on yourself every day?
  • How will it look from the side, and will it fit you?

You will find the answers to all these questions in online games. So, although these projects are positioned as games for girls under 15 years old, we recommend them to players of any gender and without age restrictions. Choose the most attractive pictures, try them on different parts of the body, and make the final choice. Such a game will save you from unnecessary hesitation and help you avoid unfortunate mistakes.

Tattoo games features

This category of games includes projects that have fairly simple but exciting gameplay. You need to serve customers, follow step-by-step instructions, and enjoy yourself. In some projects, you can create your design and offer it to customers. Feel like a real artist, whom customers from all over the country seek to get to.

How to play a tattoo game online?

Each game is at a small tattoo salon. Here, you can use various tools to make a beautiful tattoo that the client will be satisfied with.

Among your must-have tools, you will find:

  • A collection of beautiful patterns. Some projects are built in such a way that the client chooses and assigns the task to the master (that is, you). In most cases, you select the most beautiful pattern and application area.
  • Stencils that you can use to avoid drawing everything by hand. It also helps to repeat each line as accurately as possible.
  • Color palette. You can leave the tattoo monochrome, but the online game allows you to color the drawing or individual elements of the image.
  • Drawing tools. Instead of a needle with ink in the online salon, the master needs a brush with a choice of line thickness and a “filling” tool for quick coloring.

Some projects offer even more tools, thanks to which it is possible to reproduce incredibly beautiful patterns. Of course, they have a cartoon look but still allow you to feel like a professional master artist.

To make it more interesting for you, the developers offer to work with very diverse clients. People of different body types can come to your tattoo salon. In addition to them, your customers can be:

  • Fairy tale and cartoon characters;
  • Heroes of series and films;
  • Actors, musicians, and other celebrities.

It will make you feel the amazing atmosphere that is in every tattoo salon. However, your workshop is unusual, so the customers’ flow never ends. Work as hard as you can, learn about the specifics of this business, and view numerous patterns. Perhaps, among the drawings offered in the collection, there is one with which you would ever want to decorate your body. Who knows? Or will you like this class so much that you will decide to become a tattoo artist in real life? This is one of those professions, the benefits of which you can feel thanks to simulators.

Visit the Tattoo Games section of the Game Karma website and choose the best among the most exciting tattoo games we have carefully prepared for you. It will be the most useful experience, cognitive activity, and a great time.