Who doesn't like to ride fun and with a breeze on skates, skis, or snowboards? This is not just entertainment but a real extreme sport. Now, you have the opportunity to enjoy your favorite entertainment on your computer in the most exciting and extreme games. Conquer the steepest descents from the tops of snowy mountains, overcoming dangers and fears. The feeling of complete freedom will conquer you from the first second, and you will never want to forget this feeling again. You will have to prepare for the best master skateboarding action in snowy mountain ranges. Crush the snow under your feet and feel like you're riding through sparkling snow-covered hills. Perform flip tricks like grind, jump, and crouch with some even impossible ice stunts.

In the Skating Games category, you can show off your snowboarding or skiing skills and become the unbeatable champion. You will go down the mountain slope at great speed. On the way, beware of various obstacles and dangers in the form of stones and fences. Try to avoid obstacles in time and turn to the side. Pay close attention to the road to be able to make a maneuver in time. It will depend on this whether you can conquer the next snowy descent or will have to repeat the race. With each level, the track will become more and more difficult, but this will only awaken the excitement and sports interest of real winners. Even if you did not manage to reach the finish line the first time, you should not stop there. A few more tries, and you'll be up to any descent. A sharp eye, quick reaction, and agility will help you become a champion and forever write your name in the history of sports.

Figure skating is one of the most beautiful and elegant sports. Despite all the ease on the ice, each trick goes to the athlete through long and hard training. But everything is forgotten when the skater hits the ice. There, they forget about everything and demonstrate dizzying tricks with a radiant smile on their face. In the category of Skating Games, you can try this wonderful sport.

Speed and quick reaction will be your best helpers in this difficult task. You can choose a program for your athlete: jumps, spins, postures, and transitional movements. Take on the role of a professional athlete and perform the most difficult tricks on the ice.

Skateboarding is an extreme, difficult, and often traumatic sport. But, unfortunately, it is not always possible to ride a skateboard: the board broke, health does not allow it, or the weather outside is not suitable. In this case, you can return to your favorite hobby with the help of skateboarding games. They offer high-speed skating and require the player's attention and reaction, and many additionally allow real-life tricks to be performed on the skateboard. In this case, skate lovers can always do what they love virtually, and skateboarding games help them with this.