Retro Games

Old games online are popular classic retro projects that were wildly popular 20-30 years ago. Many old games from consoles like Dendy and Sega are now available in the browser, without the use of joysticks and other additional devices. Many old PC entertainments have received modern adaptations. The vintage is always relevant! But some retro projects have become a source of inspiration for the creation of completely new computer fun with favorite characters.

Retro games have their fan base. Today, old online entertainment is incredibly relevant because fashion is cyclical, and the style of the 90s is back in trend!

The main advantages of old online projects:

  • Simple gameplay;
  • Works on low-spec devices;
  • Can be played in a browser or smartphone;
  • Classic design;
  • Light feeling of nostalgia.


  • Simple plot;
  • Too easy for advanced players.

Sure, vintage online games lack 3D graphics, sophisticated design, and realistic sound. Eight-bit games are all about pixel design and simple melodies that sink into the soul. But for the children of the 90s, this is a real-time machine, which is priceless!

Predicting the life cycle of an online video game is a tricky business. Some projects can take years to develop and seem very promising but lose all the interest of users after the test. Others leave a deep imprint in the hearts of fans and, thanks to the efforts of the community, continue to develop and update even decades after the release.

The industry has evolved, and new items have been released regularly, but this has not occurred frequently. The following retro games have always been and remain especially popular to this day.

Tetris is a legend in the industry, which still holds tournaments. And not a single top where you can find old entertainment online can do without Tetris. The game does not require a description, but the younger generation looks with surprise even at video cassettes. And you will have to do this in constant tension, clearing the lower rows due to falling blocks.

PacMan is another legendary game that is still looked up to today. Since the release, many developers have tried to repeat the success of creation unique for its time. But a few people managed to do it. Old online games on PC are frequently associated with PacMan.

Duck Hunt — this is about those times when enthusiasts of the virtual world used controllers in the form of real pistols and guns instead of special helmets and tons of wires. And they were needed only for one purpose — a virtual hunt for flying ducks. It's challenging to express the range of feelings that a seemingly straightforward game may elicit. Yes, old shooters could even surprise with a kind of multiplayer.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles — the heroes of the cartoon of the same name cheerfully conquered an army of fans across users. Cartoons, after all, were ideal for the gaming systems of the day. Enthusiasts could appreciate not only the fighting game of the same name with famous characters but also launch other genres. At that time, many developers tried to surprise the public, even offering racing series with ninja turtles!

Sonic — perhaps, it is the character that is often recurrent with Mario. It will not surprise anyone that the strange blue hedgehog also appeared decades ago. That's just because the developers of the original decision to focus on more dynamic gameplay. And this decision allowed to attract a crowd of fans who can return to their favorite character even today!

Snake — and if you enjoy true retro gaming, it's time to keep this project in mind. Snake along with Tetris constantly fought for the attention of growing minds on various platforms. Vintage online games on the PC were able to maintain their relevance today. It's hard to count how many analogs of the original version have been created for mobile phones alone! After all, every self-respecting brand simply had to include the Snake in the list of pre-installed entertainment.

Your final choice will depend on the type of player you are. If you're looking to support the developers, be sure to buy all the games and add them to your library. And if you just want to memorize once in a while how it was then in your distant childhood, you can go the well-known path! Use the links provided to easily install every game for nothing.