The piano is one of the most famous and beloved musical instruments in the world. Millions of people spend a lot of effort every day to improve their musical skills while playing the piano. Concert halls and philharmonics attract the attention of hundreds of thousands of fans of special piano concerts because this musical instrument allows you to enjoy truly magnificent and magical music.

Listening to such popular piano pieces as Für Elise by Ludwig van Beethoven, River Flows in You by Yiruma, or Together We Will Live Forever by Clint Mansell, you will immediately understand how beautiful and melodic a piano can sound. Therefore, it is not surprising that you instantly want to repeat this music by yourself. And if you don't have a piano or an electronic synthesizer at home, playing piano games on our website is the best option for you now. We offer plenty of piano-themed games that will allow you to feel like a real maestro.

We wonder if you knew that the first piano was invented in the United States by J. Hawkins in December 1800. The Austrian M. Müller, independently of him in January 1801, also designed a piano. This musical instrument acquired its modern form only in the middle of the 19th century. Now, the piano and its varieties are one of the most popular in the world both in terms of sales and the number of people who want to learn how to play the piano.

Playing our piano games, you may act as both a composer and a musician. Who knows, maybe after playing games in this category, you will wish to start playing piano without a PC. It is a great opportunity to understand for you whether you really want to become a pianist or just desire to play piano games for fun. It is also a great option to get to know whether your kids may wish to play this musical instrument. There are plenty of cases when children start asking their parents to send them to music schools directly after playing piano games on their computers and mobile devices. In addition, piano games perfectly develop the child's fine motor skills, especially in cases where he/she constantly needs to click on the piano keys. Hence, the advantages of playing piano games are obvious.

Piano and musical instrument games have several other undeniable benefits. They help to relax your mind well and allow your brain to take a break from everyday worries. The piano games engage other parts of your brain that are responsible for calmness and emotions. So, if you play piano games for about an hour a day and don't abuse them, then both your brain and mind will have a great rest. Additionally, piano games not only improve your musical skills but also develop your logic skills. Playing any of the games in the Piano Games category improves your brain functionality. Children who are taught to play the piano or play piano games on PC have better-developed attention, manual dexterity, and higher overall academic performance in school.

Consequently, if you are keen on various types of music games, it is high time for you to enjoy the best piano games on our website. They will help you to relax and spend a great evening after a hard working day. Moreover, you can play piano games together with your friends, relatives, and kids. You know that it is always much better and more exciting to play your favorite games in the company of like-minded people. So, simply enter the Piano Games category, select your favorite game, and enjoy the process. Piano games are available without registration.