With a lot of video games focused on animals, it is simple to imagine mouse games to be about mice. This can be true as gaming developers can use this play on words and create simple games with a mouse as the main character. However, when talking about mouse video games, we usually mean titles with simple controls that only require using your computer mouse. There are enough video games with classic controls that involve your keyboard or a specific control depending on the console you are using. But complex control sets and gameplay do not necessarily make a great game. Simplicity often wins, and uncomplicated mouse games can be as fun as the latest titles by the most popular developers.

It is not right to say that mouse games are a genre, as there are numerous titles created in all kinds of styles and genres. Mouse video games are rather a category that brings together all the titles fitting the same characteristics. There are generally two qualities that make a mouse game:

  • Mouse controls – in such games you will not normally need to use even a single button as all controls can be done using your computer mouse. All actions like moving or interacting with the objects and characters are done by moving your cursor and clicking;
  • Simplicity – this does not mean that the games are easy to complete, as puzzle video games can be quite challenging, but there is simplicity in game design and other features. You will not find hyperrealistic graphics in such browser games but a rather simplistic design and unique style.

With the only real requirement being mouse controls, developing studios have all the freedom in creating truly diverse titles.

Here are just a few of the genres of mouse games that you can discover in the catalog:

  • Puzzles – puzzle games can refer to both simple jigsaw puzzles where you need to drag the pieces around with your mouse to complete a picture and video games based on logic. As in puzzle games you mostly need to apply your critical thinking and logic to solve mysteries or find the right paths, there is no need to include complex control. This is why many puzzle titles only require using your mouse.
  • Clickers – this genre of video games speaks for itself. With such titles, you either only need to click your mouse or the gameplay is heavily based on this requirement. Such titles are great for relaxing and relieving your stress as they only require clicking away without too much thinking.
  • Multiplayer – there are tons of simple multiplayer games that are incredibly fun thanks to the possibility to play with other people. For example, simple games like Snake can become too repetitive and boring quickly, but with the multiplayer option, even such a simplistic title becomes exciting and addictive.
  • Story-based games – these video games focus heavily on the plot, and players might need to use their mouse in most cases to progress through the story.

There are many more browser titles in this category. If you want to play something simple and with accessible controls, mouse video games might be perfect for you. All of these online games are free of charge, and you only need a computer mouse to play them in a browser.