Massively Multiplayer Online games, abbreviated as MMO, games are one of the most demanded genres of online gaming products now. As of 2023, thousands of users spend their time playing MMO games. There are some popular games of this genre on the Game Karma website. So, what is an MMO game?

MMO games are one of the varieties of online gaming products where a huge number of users are playing simultaneously. In other words, it is a gaming social network that connects people around the globe in one game. This is a virtual world in which players act as residents, interacting with each other via the Web.

MMO games differ from regular browser games in that they take place on the Internet, which is a kind of habitat for all MMO gamers. This game can't just be downloaded. Everything happens online all the time. In these games, users are united by common interests, goals, and priorities. In this online entertainment market, the most popular MMO games so far are World of Warcraft and World of Tanks. It is these games that are the trendiest ones and boast a million-strong army of dedicated players. However, they are not the only representatives of this genre. Every day, the base of MMO games is replenished with new titles. And these games are presented on this site.

Among the main features of this category of games, it is worth highlighting the fact that new players must choose a character for themselves before starting the game. You can pick any race for your player, as well as customize the appearance of the hero you want to play as. You also immediately have to decide on his class and profession. Next, the player needs to complete various tasks and quests, as well as defeat all possible opponents. With a positive result, your character can be upgraded. Therefore, the level of his abilities is greatly increased. He receives more powerful weapons and reliable ammunition. After you have won the first location, you and your character will automatically move to another territory, where much stronger enemies are waiting for you.

On the other hand, you can be a civilian. For example, you can be an owner of agricultural lands. It means that you have a certain profession. Professions provide a great opportunity to extract resources and create advanced items from them. You can trade resources and things with other users and use the proceeds to buy weapons or upgrades for your professional activities.

If you adore strategy games with plenty of development levels, then in the MMO games category, you can find the appropriate variant. For example, you can choose one of the medieval locations. Then, you will need to build a huge fortress and surround it with reliable defense structures to protect against all possible enemies. After you create a large army, you will be able to fight with other players and take all their property and territories. Your goal is to conquer the fortresses and lands of other users.

If you are keen on playing an online game simultaneously with plenty of users from different countries, Game Karma provides you with a couple of trendy MMO games. Select the one according to your gaming taste and play it online right now. You`ll undoubtedly enjoy it. In any case, the MMO game is a whole universe in which you can become whoever you want and make all your wishes come true, as well as just have a good time chatting with new like-minded friends. Overall, MMO games are quite an exciting type of online gaming product. However, you should get ready for the fact that you will have to spend many hours daily on games of this type.