Browser video games also have famous developers, just like console or computer games. There are thousands of free browser games available online, and the most popular titles are usually created by the top developers in this industry. Friv is a company that delivers some of the top-tier browser video games. Its portfolio is incredibly diverse, and every single gamer will be able to find perfect titles for themselves to play. For many players, Friv games are already nostalgic. Despite different genres, these games are always very well made and fun to play.

When playing browser titles, gamers usually seek diversity. Browser video games are usually short and easy to play. Unlike titles where you need to sit down and play for hours to immerse yourself and complete the story, it is simple to jump into a browser video game quickly to kill the time.

Here are some of the most popular categories and gaming series developed by Friv games:

  • Fireboy and Watergirl – this is a puzzle and platformer video game that so many online gamers know and love. There are a few different games in the series, focusing on the adventures of Fireboy and Watergirl. In addition to exciting and diverse puzzles, these games require two players, which makes them great for co-op play with friends.
  • Motorcycle – as a subgenre of driving video games, motorcycle titles are very popular. In these games, you need to drive a motorcycle and perform various tricks to reach the end of the track.
  • Beauty – one of the most popular categories among girls is beauty video games. There are tons of different subgenres involved, and the beauty genre concerns games about nails, hair, makeup, clothes, and more. It is often difficult to try all kinds of haircuts and makeup in real life, which is why browser games come in handy. Here, you have unlimited possibilities to implement your vision.
  • Platformers – indie video games are now very popular, and many of them are platformers. While a platformer game can be very simply designed to offer its gameplay without tons of embellishments, there is room for experimenting with styles. This is why you can discover numerous platformer games in different settings and with specific aesthetics.
  • Cooking – there are many different styles of cooking video games, which provides great diversity for players that enjoy this genre. Some games in this category are focused on the process of cooking, others require serving food at a café or a restaurant, etc.
  • Shooters – there are tons of great shooters that can be played in a browser. From zombie shooters to Call of Duty-style games, it is possible to try out all kinds of video games in this genre. In shooters, players focus mostly on shooting the targets as many enemies approach at the same time. There is no need to be stealthy as you need to shoot down as many targets as possible with the time you are given.

If you do not have a favorite type of video game, you can easily start playing different Friv titles to try out a variety of games. They all are extremely fun to play, and you will have a great time for sure.