We all know such famous game developers as Nintendo, Bioware, Square Enix, and more. These companies create video games for consoles and PCs. But when it comes to browser games, there are well-known developing companies as well. Every player that likes browser games knows about Poki, which is a great studio working on browser-based titles specifically. All Poki video games are drastically different, but some things make them stand out, such as their high quality and incredible popularity among gamers.

Poki is a developer that created over a thousand free browser games already, and new ones just keep coming. If you are new to the browser video games world and are unsure about where to start, you definitely will not miss anything if you pick one of the Poki titles. There is a huge selection of subcategories available, as Poki video games can be of any genre imaginable.

Here are just some of the most popular gaming themes among Poki video games:

  • Two-player – this is a kind of multiplayer that works perfectly for you and your friend. While massive multiplayers with many online gamers are fun, it is great to play alongside one of your friends and progress through the game together solving puzzles and fighting monsters.
  • Cooking – video games focused on cooking have been a fan favorite for many years now. Boys and girls of any age love cooking games for their fun gameplay, beautiful art style, and ability to learn real delicious recipes.
  • Slashers – while shooting video games are some of the most popular titles among browser game players, slashers are equally fun. The main difference is that in these games, you need to use all kinds of sharp weapons, from knives to swords, to defeat your enemies. Slashers focus on using these weapons as much as possible, and players might need to fend off hordes of enemies slashing through them quite literally.
  • Sports – sports video games are definitely among the top-played titles ever. There is a huge variety of options as developers release tons of different sports titles all the time, from football and soccer to baseball and basketball. If you like skating or rugby, you will be able to play these games too. There are just so many great browser games for sports fans that you will not ever get bored.
  • Cars – car games can be very different as well. Online browser games have come a long way, and they can offer amazing gameplay regardless of the genre you choose. There can be racing games where you can compete with the computer or with other gamers through multiplayer. Various driving simulators are also available if you want to try driving different types of cars and other vehicles.
  • Fighting – fighting games date back to classic arcades. If you like video games where you need to face off against many enemies and defeat them with your hands like in Street Fighter, you will definitely enjoy fighting browser games.

As you can see, Poki games can be incredibly diverse. There are no limits to the genres as more new titles are released all the time. Try out different games to see which genres you enjoy more.