The history of the appearance of dominoes is quite well known, but the name of its author has not survived to our time. It is only known that this is a Chinese-Indian invention, so entertainment has two homelands: India and China. At first, the Indians guessed with the help of dice during magical rites, and then, the Chinese intervened, as a result of which the game arose. The Chinese domino is very different from the one we are used to. This is a separate game, more like cards. In it, the plates are not divided into two halves and have a more elongated shape.

Historians suggest that dominoes came from China to Europe thanks to Marco Polo. Europeans slightly changed the entertainment to the kind that we are used to seeing today. In the 18th century, the game became quite popular in the French state. Well, what is popular in France is quickly becoming popular all over the world. It is thanks to the French black and white cloaks that the game got its name.

It is worth noting that bones are used not only for entertainment but also for divination. There are many ways to predict fate using dominoes. The game is also used for various kinds of mathematical problems and puzzles. Sets with the number of points on the plates from zero to six are the most common. But there are sets on the chips of which nine, twelve, fifteen, and even eighteen dots are applied.

You probably held dominoes in your hands. They are made of wood or plastic, usually black or white with white/black dots. Two to four people are required for playing the classic version. The game ends when one of the players places their last dice. The winner records the sum of the points of all the stones of the losers. The game may end when there are dice in hand, but there are no possible moves left. In this situation, the winner is the one with the fewest points. The difference in points is recorded as a win for them. The game continues up to a predetermined amount, such as 100 points.

At present, entertainment has basically moved from courtyards and parks to computers and mobile devices. You will find different types of games, pleasant music, high-quality graphics, the ability to choose the level of difficulty, and virtual tournaments — and all this in online mode. The World Championship of the game is held annually, and the strongest players from all over the world get there. The prize fund of these competitions amounts to tens of thousands of dollars. The first World Championship was held in 2003 in Havana, and 300 gamers took part in it. Currently, the number of participants in these competitions has increased significantly.

Any Internet user can play browser-based Dominoes Games. You are unlikely to become a world champion, but you will definitely succeed in having a good time. At the same time, the game develops the speed of thinking and memory, which can be useful to a player of any age.