Wolf Games

Wolf games are a specific genre of online games that many people like. Especially, many games about wolves and werewolves appeared with the release of "Twilight." The series "Wolf" also influenced the popularity of stories with wolves in the main role. The audience likes some plot twists and characteristics of wolves, so some wanted to try the part of a wolf. Being a wolf for at least one day is a great idea. And you can make this strange dream come true when you search for themed games on the Game Karma platform. This section has everything you've been looking for. Try how cool it is.

Who do you want to become: a lonely wolf or part of a pack?

When you observe the life of animals from the side, you may think that it is simple. However, when you try to transform into this role, you will notice how many difficulties this animal has to overcome.

As with most carnivores, a large part of its life cycle is devoted to finding prey. But the same prey is hunted by other predators, so get ready so that the list of tasks will include the protection of the territory.

It is easier to fight alone, but to progress to really difficult levels, you will have to somehow become part of a pack. For example, in the wolf simulator, you form a family, which gradually becomes larger.

Regardless of whether you remain a lone wolf or become part of a pack, you will understand that the life of a wolf is complex and stressful. It is not at all as romantic and fairy-tale as it is depicted in the movies. However, this daily struggle is fascinating albeit difficult.

What tasks are there in games about wolves?

Online games about wolves are logic games, simulations, and a wide variety of puzzles. So, the range of your tasks depends on which online game you choose for yourself in this section. You can perform the simplest tasks in online browser games with beautiful wolves in the main role or try to cope with serious challenges:

  • Hunting;
  • Survival;
  • Preparation for winter;
  • Forming a pack and managing it;
  • Fighting with opponents;
  • Protection of one's territory.

Most often, simulators offer you such tasks. Other projects allow you to perform even more interesting operations:

  • Hunt for Little Red Riding Hood or the Three Little Pigs;
  • Come up with different ways to deceive the shepherds and hunt the sheep;
  • Run ahead with other wolves;
  • Hide from hunters;
  • Collect bonuses at additional levels;
  • Plan and organize an escape from complex mazes.

Almost everywhere, you need to show intelligence, endurance, and cunning. Playing as a wolf is not easy but always an exciting task that you will enjoy!

Free wolf games on Game Karma

All games in this section are free projects that you can try at any time. Our collection contains the most interesting online games, and their number is growing. We offer educational and useful browser projects for children and adults.

Key features:

  • The software does not need to be downloaded to a PC or smartphone. Everything works online.
  • To start the game, you only need a stable Internet.
  • You can perform a wide variety of tasks and choose projects according to your preferences.

You can hunt with wolves or on them, protect domestic animals from them, or, on the contrary, immerse yourself in the features of various simulators, where the most amazing aspects of the life of wild animals are revealed.

In this section, we offer you educational and useful entertainment and games of various genres. Try each option because they are all worth your attention. Registration is not required to start the game, so you can start an excursion into the beautiful world of wolves without any restrictions!