Stickman is not a name but a general name for simple, schematically drawn characters that have become participants in so many games. Stickman games are an opportunity to immerse yourself in almost any story without being distracted by the details and appearance of the main character. That is, completely surrender to the drive of the storyline.

The main hero is an ordinary cane man. His head is a circle, and his body is made of sticks. However, his fair skin does not stop him from leading a full life, engaging in conflict, participating in sports, finding love, traveling, and taking on challenges. Stickman is a dreamer, a great shooter, and a martial artist, he is both a dangerous foe and a best friend. You can see the small artist's hand that drew each story, putting you in a particular situation from which you must escape.

There is nothing strange or supernatural about him, but this is precisely where it excels. Such a tiny man can be drawn by even young children. A vast new area of opportunity does, however, open up for you. You can do anything with Stickman.

We want to introduce you to the Stickman games section. Here, you can learn more about this endearingly unassuming character.

The stickman is still portrayed everywhere, in conditional images on signs, in public spaces, on transportation, and in graffiti, despite the graphics' simplicity. Separately, we can assert that there is an entire genre of comics in which the creators merely employ a schematic image rather than making an effort to portray the characters realistically. Oddly enough, a lot of these tales are very well-read because readers are more interested in the story's plot, history, and humor than in how well the characters are illustrated.

Stickman games exist in all known genres: fights, shooters, racing, simulations, and strategies.

Stickman projects allow you to become a sniper who hunts enemies while sitting in an ambush, and when you add dynamics and speed to this process, you get a very good action game in which the circles turn red and the counter clicks, adding points. Full-scale military operations delight those who dream of feeling like a great commander.

Because he is not afraid of overload or weightlessness, a schematic little man can fish with it as bait or travel into space and conquer other planets. Create an obstacle course, jump up and down, and then accelerate quickly along a straight road.

Stickman is great at riding a motorcycle on the most dangerous tracks, climbing, and skydiving and can perfectly master aerobatics, making crazy rolls, and making the plane fly upside down.

There are also a few less extreme games where you can try to draw a simple figure of a man and finish his hair and clothes. If Stickman is a boy, then a mustache and a beard will surely suit him, and if a girl, then long curls, bows, and a skirt.

Everything that players are looking for in computer flash games can be found with the participation of a schematic character, whether they want to play chess or checkers with him or embark on a challenging quest with numerous unknowns. The variety of game genres and storylines is astounding. Each player, regardless of age and preferences, will find how fun and interesting it is to spend time with a seemingly simple little man who consists of only sticks and circles.

The world of Stickman is always interesting. Here, you can keep the defense of the fortress or search for sunken treasures, develop a plan for the crime of the century or try to escape from prison, try on the role of a super-agent or a detective, fight your own kind in the ring, or take part in a rally.

And when, at the same time, it becomes necessary to develop your version of the development of events, the feeling of involvement in everything that happens only intensifies. You begin to feel, at least, a director or scriptwriter.

Stickman games can't be grouped by themes, trends, or ideas — there are a lot of them. Stickman, like any other game participant, can run, shoot, travel, go through mazes — solve all the plot tasks assigned to him. This is where the beauty of stickman games lies.

Users have already appreciated the merits of a simple and nimble little man and often prefer it to brutal warriors, frivolous cartoon characters, animals, and other typical representatives. If you haven't played with the stickman yet, now is the time to start: especially since he is probably already ready to offer your favorite game with his participation!