Spiderman is one of the most beloved superheroes of all time. Children and adults like Spiderman content and video games with this character especially. This is one of the superheroes that actually have superhuman powers and not only use various technologies and artifacts to gain their strengths. Spiderman has super strength, the ability to climb various surfaces, cast spider webs, and use them to travel quickly, and he is also very intelligent. This set of skills and strengths allows for the development of a variety of different video games.

Spiderman video games have been around for a while now. Even some of the oldest consoles featured titles with this character or revolving around him completely. While some superheroes are rarely featured in video games, Spiderman has all the qualities to become a protagonist of an exciting and fun browser game.

Here are only a few of the Spiderman games genres that players can enjoy online:

  • Platformer – with Spiderman's ability to climb buildings and other surfaces, as well as fly over gaps or dangerous places using his spider webs, it is only fair that there are many platformers featuring this character. Classic platforming levels become even more fun when you are playing as Spiderman with all his skills and open new ways and routes to finish the level.
  • Fighter – classic fighters, especially 2D ones, are a great canvas for featuring any kind of character. With Spiderman's physical strength and other abilities, normal fighter games offer new gameplay and possibilities. While some other superheroes only use their weapons to win, Spiderman can actually engage in a fistfight.
  • Racing – while car racing is not really on-brand for Spiderman, he can race in another way. There are multiplayer Spiderman games where players need to race to the finish line swinging on the spider webs as fast as they can. This is a really fun take on racing titles using Spiderman’s abilities.

There are many Spiderman games for any platform, but gamers love browser games for a few reasons. Even though console Spiderman games can be extremely realistic and feature a great plot, here is why browser titles are also worth playing:

  • Completely free – in the modern economy, it is difficult to discover anything free. However, browser video games are free to play, and you can load any Spiderman game right now without paying for it.
  • Casual gameplay – video games developed for web browsers are known for their simple gameplay. While not all of these games are exactly easy, they are all very approachable and do not require things like gamepads to play easily. Many of them are controlled with your computer mouse and a few buttons on the keyboard.
  • Huge selection – there is a full catalog of different video games ready to be played. Different genres, styles, levels of difficulty, etc., and all them can be started right away. Without any downloading and installing, each player can wait a few seconds for the game to load in the browser and start gaming.

Spiderman has huge importance in pop culture and comics. His impact on video games is also undeniable, and thanks to browser video games, everyone can now play them easily.