The game world of magic little ponies has become incredibly attractive to young viewers and gamers all over the world. For more than 40 years, it has been inspiring animators and game developers to new stories and personages. The secret of the popularity of the "My Little Pony" series of games lies not only in the charm of the main characters but also in the ideas that they broadcast. The main thing that they instill in children is a sense of friendship, mutual support, optimism, and readiness for adventure, which fills their souls with joy and light.

The developers of the first versions of the games probably didn't even know how many alternative versions of the plots would appear over time. And it is a great advantage of this game. The world of ponies will never become complete and frozen; new wonders will always await the cheerful company of winged horses. This means that the child will constantly be able to draw inspiration from new meetings with their favorite characters.

History of the Creation of the My Little Pony Game

  • Today, friendly little ponies are the favorites of children around the world. They were invented by the American illustrator Bonnie Zacherle who lived her childhood in beautiful and mysterious Japan. Her father was a veterinarian, and the little Korean horse aroused great affection in the little girl.
  • Subsequently, Bonnie designed a series of plastic ponies that went into production in the early 1980s and became an instant hit. Interest in little ponies was added by the storylines of animated films that came out in the 1980s and 90s.
  • A new surge of passion for a friendly company of ponies occurred after the release of the colorful animated story My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic in 2010 and a new computer game with the same name in 2012.

Computer video games featuring little ponies have been released before, since the 1990s. However, new technologies, improved graphics, and inspiring stories have taken this game to a new level.

Today, playing games with little ponies has become even more convenient:

  • Games do not need to be downloaded to a computer but can be played directly from the browser.
  • You don't have to look for new game releases because we immediately offer novelties from the life of a pony to their little fans.
  • A large number of developers strive to please a young audience and regularly offer new original stories.

Embark on Exciting Adventures with Little Ponies

This section contains the most favorite games about winged bright ponies. Together with them, young gamers will solve fascinating puzzles, go in search of new lands, look for treasures and friends, and much more. Fun adventures await gamers and their little pony friends not only on the ground but also in the air and even in the water.

Games involving little ponies are not only entertaining but also educational. Developers have long understood that the best way to teach young children is during the game. That is why they often invite little ponies to help the kid master knowledge in a variety of subjects: economics and finance, geography, mathematics, biology, and many others.

Little pony games were inspired by a girl's love for the small Korean pony many decades ago. And until now, this magical feeling wakes up in everyone who starts playing these incredibly colorful and kind games. Choose any of them and go on an unforgettable journey with your little optimistic and venturesome friends.