Horse Games

Not having your own stable does not mean you cannot have fun with your favorite animals – horses. After all, there are online games about horses. This small but, at the same time, valuable genre allows you to sit in a chair while sitting in the saddle of a stallion or even manage your club. Let us learn more about horse games, their varieties, and their special features.

Types of horse games

Online games about horses can be completely different: horse races, caring for pets, managing an entire farm or breeding company, and many other options. Some of them require downloading, others can be run directly in browsers. Popular projects related to this topic are usually collected on dedicated websites, where you can take care of these graceful animals and take part in real races against other players.

The main types of horse games include the following options:

  • A free online game that features a unique world filled with horses. The main character will have to travel around the islands and explore forests and ancient ruins. As he moves through the territories, he will be able to catch wild horses, send them for sale, and buy new animals. Such games usually have a crafting system, so you can also complete various quests to earn money to buy equipment, necessary items, new horses, and other pets.
  • There are multiplayer MMOs dedicated to horses. After launch, players will be presented with a unique three-dimensional world with beautiful graphics, mesmerizing landscapes, and many animals. The main goal of the game is to grow and breed your own four-legged friends. It will be possible to move around the colorful world on them, complete quests, and participate in online events with other players.
  • You can take care of your horses and breed them in numerous games. It is also possible to create your own sports complex and farm. Animal customization systems are added to the game with various items, so each horse can be made unique.
  • In some simulators, the player will have to create their horse, which requires constant care. As you develop, new breeds of animals can be added to the stable. You will have to buy various equipment, hire staff who will save time, and feed and water the horses for the player. In addition, you can breed animals and get new breeds.
  • In some online horse games, you can also participate in various competitions against other players or friends. Such projects allow you to build your farm, where real and fictional breeds of animals will live. For example, you can get a unicorn zebra or a simple bay. To unlock new species, you will need to complete a lot of story missions.

Usually, as the game progresses, the player gains development points and improves skills. Animals will get the most experience after online competitions. These projects focus on gameplay and features, so the graphics sometimes fade into the background. However, there are enough tasks in the game, so each player will be able to find something to do.

Not all these online horse games require investments; many of them are absolutely free. Many different quests and tasks will allow you to get new equipment for your horses. The graphics can be simple but colorful, so these projects will appeal to almost all lovers of virtual horses.