Being a gamer is an expensive hobby as modern video games from top developers can be considered a luxury. In addition, many contemporary games require powerful computers or specific consoles to play. All of this is not cheap, and many players cannot enjoy every single game they want. Luckily, browser video games exist. One of their biggest advantages is that they are free of charge.

Can browser video games be completely free to play? Some might not believe it at first, but this is true. Of course, it is important to understand that browser titles are much simpler than games developed by the biggest companies in the industry. You cannot expect to play a full-action video game in your computer browser with a huge story-driven title. However, this does not mean that browser games are poorly developed or not fun to play. You will be surprised to discover dozens of categories that contain numerous titles to suit all tastes.

When people first open the browser video game catalog, they find it difficult to believe that there is such an abundance of games. There are titles for players of all ages and skills. Most games are casual to suit an average player, but even skilled gamers will find tons of great games.

Here are some of the top categories of browser games that players enjoy:

  • Platformers – this is one of the oldest video game genres, and it remains very popular still. Platformer games require moving through levels by jumping on platforms, avoiding various traps, and finding the right paths to reach the end.
  • Dress up – this type of game is especially loved by kids, but grown-up players play it too if they feel nostalgic. There is a variety of dress-up games for girls and boys with different characters to try clothes on.
  • Sports – these video games are some of the most played across all platforms. Of course, there would be various sports games that you can play in a browser. In the catalog, you will discover football games, as well as tennis, baseball, basketball, and many other titles.
  • Farming – farm games are something that everyone plays once in a while. They are super relaxing, and there are tons of themes and designs to choose from. These are casual games that everyone can enjoy and relax while playing.
  • Puzzle – if you like thinking while playing games, you need to try puzzles. These titles can be very different as well, varying from fantasy games to simplistic puzzles. Either way, all of these video games make your brain work, and solving each level feels extra rewarding.
  • Shooters – these games are packed with action and require quick reaction if you want to kill all the enemies before they get to you. Shooters are usually skill-based, and you will be able to start slow and grow from there, fighting mobs and other players.

With browser video games, you can play both alone and in multiplayer. Many browser titles offer online play already, and you can enjoy these titles with your friends or other gamers that are online at the same time. There are hundreds of games to choose from, and you can try the genres you like or play random games to see what is in store.