Do you like adventure and puzzles? Would you like to share a trip with your best friend? In this case, this series of games is perfect for leisure!

One of the most popular projects for two players has captivated both children and adults. In each of the games in the series, both main characters are necessarily present — fire and water. Characters have not only unique strengths but also disadvantages associated with them. You must take them into account as you progress through the game.

Puzzles that you can't put down

What awaits the main characters in the game world? A fiery boy and a water girl will have to overcome various locations filled with trials, traps, and insidious opponents. Before finding a way out, they will have to use all their strength and cunning.

The superpowers of the main characters are reflected in their names. The boy is not afraid of fire: he will confidently come face to face with raging flames or boiling lava. He will pass such areas without difficulty. The strong side of the girl is the water element. She easily conquers any water and is famous for her incredible dexterity. But green lakes can be a real problem for partners.

More games — more incredible adventures

The project combines several parts, each of which has unique circumstances and captivates players. It all starts with getting to know the characters, before whom, areas filled with water and lava, obstacles, and trials open up. If you managed to cope with numerous tasks and get the title of the winner, it's time to move on to the next part — traveling through the castle.

The boy and girl are not going to stay in prison forever. This means that you will have to make every effort to successfully pass the secret rooms, traps, and other obstacles on the way to the exit. As you progress through the game, the complexity of the levels increases, but for a well-coordinated team, this will simply become another challenge.

The adventures of the heroes do not end there! Now, the locations of the ice castle are opening before them, which becomes a test even for the water girl! At some point, it will seem that it is impossible to pass the level and find a way out of the trap. But it's not! Some quests are intended only for a single player, while others can be handled only by two. In any case, each of the stages will not leave you indifferent!

The Crystal Castle is the next location that the legendary characters need to overcome. It differs not only in spectacular appearance but also in the huge number of traps and enemies. Getting out of the mysterious building is not easy, but you need to tune in only to win. In this part of the game, the boy and the girl must collect numerous bonus crystals of red and blue colors, which are much more than in previous locations.

Having run enough through the castles, in the next version of the game, the characters will find themselves in a mysterious forest. Of course, it is full of traps, surprises, and cunning enemies. Will the boy and girl be able to complete the quests and open the appropriate doors? Will they tame the elements to emerge victorious from their next adventure? The result depends only on your perseverance and confidence in the abilities of the heroes!