The zombies theme has become incredibly popular in the early 10s of this century. One of the biggest promoters was Hollywood, which spawned a huge number of TV shows and films on the topic. People liked the idea of ​​survival in the post-apocalyptic world ruled by zombies so much that the producers began to produce even more blockbusters, which in every way increase the popularity of the already trending theme.

And this could not pass by the gaming industry, where the dominance of story games became total. Now replaced by combat and military units against which the players had to fight, zombies came to replace. Players needed to create various military bases, build fortifications, and defend their homes. Other projects focused on the physical elimination of zombies. And somewhere it was necessary to look for a cure. One way or another - games about zombies have become incredibly popular and have occupied a huge niche in the gaming world.

Over time, games of the popular genre began to migrate to browser versions and gained a new audience. Now the war with the zombie apocalypse has become possible for all fans to escape for a short time from working everyday life. And we must recognize the emergence of truly high-quality projects among a huge number of simple flash games.

Our catalog contains the most popular projects, each of which will give you an unforgettable experience. You can choose a game that suits you with the gameplay and storyline. Want to develop bases in a ruined world? Gather resources and feed your settlement, which is now under your control? And at night to defend yourself against a zombie attack? You are welcome!

Are you eager to be the head of a research station that develops a vaccine and can heal the planet, but zombies are in no hurry to help you and want to kill you? You will have such an opportunity. Choose a project according to your own preferences and try to cope with all the complexities of numerous games.

Among other things, there are a large number of games that you can play along with other players. Build a base together, collect other survivors, unite in a strong community. Only in this way can you not only survive in a harsh world but change the course of a unilateral war to extermination. Turn from a victim into a predator and show everyone who is the boss on the planet. And remember - in war, all means are good and there is no reason for zombies to spare. Set new records and conquer the world. Let the descendants of the saved planet carve your name in the granite of history.