Many users remember well the release of the cult game about worms that fought with each other using a completely different weapon, from Molotov cocktails to rocket launchers. It was a kind of the first experience of introducing a new type of characters into the gaming industry. Many years have passed since then and cute worms have become frequent guests in modern games, where they now not only shoot at each other but also perform a huge number of various additional missions and tasks.

In this section, you will find the highest quality modern games in which you will be invited to take part in the harsh confrontations of irreconcilable enemies. Shoot opponents, collect bonus components, increase your weapon potential, and find the money for which you can make several improvements.

Well, if you are tired of fighting, then choose games where your adorable worms just move around the vast map and eat a huge amount of different sweets. With each bite eaten, your character grows proportionally in size and will soon take up a huge amount of space.

At the same time, you will be able to play along with a large number of other users, each of whom will try to surpass you in size and will try to take you out of the game to become the largest in the clearing. How exactly? And this already directly depends on the project that you choose.