The very title of the section suggests that you will have the opportunity to participate in an unprecedented world championship, which brings together all the strongest, agile and famous athletes. In this case, it does not matter in which discipline you have to find out who is stronger, because championships and world cups are played in most sports disciplines, from football to sports poker.

However, if you are ready to show everyone your strength and skills, then we invite you to participate in your chosen competition. And before you start training and direct fights, remember - winning isn't everything; it's the only thing, no matter what anyone says!

Among the numerous games in the section, you will find both offline games and collective projects in which you will have to compete with other users. Try to win your first Cup not against a computer opponent, but against a user who is in love with sports like yourself!

But in case you fail to raise the desired Cup above your head, then do not be discouraged, because great champions are not born, they become after hard work and with a little bit of luck. Are you ready to try again and show the whole world who is the real champion here, without reservations or any "buts"?

Well, when you achieve the desired level of play, invite your friends to the competition and share your results with them. Let’s find out if they can match your records!