Wolf Games

A rather specific game genre of the animal kingdom is that of wolf games. It seems that it will appeal to a predetermined group of people that are very much into wolves, or wolf-related fantasies. With the sky-high popularity of TV series such as the “Teen wolf” and “Twilight”, it is completely understandable why these games would also massively gain in traction, then again, I mean - who would not want to be a wolf at least for a day? That would be mightily awesome!

The wolven lifestyle is, as you would find out, rather brutal if you are not high in the hierarchy, as is the case with most carnivores. Put together your own pack, hunt together and fight for survival. You will see that the life of a wolf is not as easy and nice as it may seem, it isn’t just “cool”, but brutally difficult with each day being a struggle, especially if there is a lack of food in your area - this poses the main frame of the problem for a pack.

If you are a lone wolf, however, there is a whole another set of life challenges to overcome, even worse so if you are a lone wolf as a product of being cast out of your pack, which does happen.

Wait until the next full moon and turn into a wolf, test out the harshness of the lifestyle with its never-ending struggles, fantasize no longer and try your hand at playing as this amazing animal. Use this opportunity also to learn about the animal experience from the variety of wolf games at your disposal. You will find out how hard it just may be to hunt your prey, and the fact that the carnivorous life might just be harder than that of a herbivore, though much cooler for a game.