In the gaming industry, a huge share is occupied by various projects that tell about wizards, sorcerers, and other witches who have flooded countless game worlds. And if not for the enormous demand from users, then this topic would not have such massive support.

It is for this reason that a huge number of such projects have been successfully adapted for browser versions. People with a special interest are ready to plunge into the wonderful world of magic and battle magicians. This is how a whole genre of Wizard Games has emerged on the modern market, which gives a million audience exactly what people wish to get.

In this section, we have collected the best games of the genre that will meet the expectations of even the most capricious gamers. Among other things, you will get the opportunity not only to be in the same world with the above heroes but also to play as one of them.

What will you be ready to do if you have a super-powerful magic weapon in your hands? Are you ready to fight for the forces of light, or will you join the darkness? Whatever you choose, you will have a similar choice, as the era of linear games has long ceased to dominate and now users have a lot of options and colossal opportunities.

Among all the games offered, you can easily find a delicate balance of an exquisite plot and the beauty of the surrounding world. Well, if you do not want to focus all your attention on military battles with the help of magicians and sorcerers, then choose strategies where you will have the opportunity to build cities with fairy-tale characters. Perhaps within the framework of such games, you will be able to avoid a military confrontation with other players, but it's not proven.