A truly unique, one of a kind genre of games, incomparable in their gameplay to any other.

My first encounter with whack games was on some browser website full of random games, where I encountered one of the “whack your…” games from that series, and I truly do remember it was endless fun from the very start. The games astound in their simplicity, no risk and all reward system just keeps on giving. This type of game is usually based on you having an infinite supply of kill and torture tools to choose from at your disposal, with which you can do what you want, or what is pre-written to your victim.

Sometimes this victim is your madly annoying coworker, or boss, which, with no risk you can just keep whacking at over and over again, always choosing a different way to get the job done. Apparently even your computer can be the arch-nemesis which you can keep whacking at and destroying the living soul out of it. But sometimes the simpler variation can be better - turns out the most popular whack game is the one where you just have a doll, for which you can change the skin to whatever it is you like from the given choices, chained up to a wall where it can barely move. Here you unlock the never ending artillery of diverse apparatus, to keep annihilating it. It may sound stupidly simple. That is because it pretty much is that, but trust me, somehow these games are never boring and they just keep on giving until you find all the ways to kill your nemesis of choice, be it your computer or boss, you will not be able to stop.

Take your pick and give it a try, surely you will not be disappointed!