Whack Games

60 Second Whack
Whack a Mole
Whack No Hand
Whack the Dummy

The modern gaming industry is replete with a whole scattering of unique games, each of which pleases with its own set of unique characteristics. It would seem that today it is practically impossible to surprise the user with something completely special and new. However, Whack Games is one of the rare occasions when you get access to several unique projects, each of which will make you look ambiguously at all new browser games.

The main essence of the genre is the need to punch, beat, throw, and kill various characters in the game. These can be both enemies and completely random people. These games are always in the 18+ genre and for many people are a holy outlet to blow off steam. And if someone tells you that all modern games are a reflection of cruelty, and the chosen project is a vivid confirmation of this, then always appeal to the fact that without this game you would be much crueler to others.

However, Whack Games is not just a story of brutality. It's always fun and has a story to tell. Some projects allow you to hide from annoying exes. And if they don’t take the hint and nevertheless come to you with inappropriate remarks, beat them to death. Well, either you have to defend against a crazy enemy who for some reason decided to attack you. What is left for you? Just hit him with the first object that comes to hand. This is not aggression, but defensive actions, is it?