Water is not only the most important substance on the planet but also an excellent environment in which the modern gaming world can develop. In recent years, a huge number of different games have appeared on the browser gaming market that somehow touched the theme of water. In some projects, you will have the opportunity to build various shapes or even structures deep underwater, while in others you will have to deal with redirecting water along various vessels or river beds. In other words - despite the boring title of the section, the games are concentrated here extremely funny.

The section presents projects from completely different genres. Water is just a connecting element of these genres and in order to choose the best game, you will have to try them all. However, this is the beauty of today's industry. You don't need to download, buy, or install anything. You just open the link in the browser and enjoy the gameplay in a minute.

As for the mechanics of numerous games, it all depends on each individual project. However, whatever you choose, you will be able to closely interact with water in any form. Save lives, build cities, help extinguish fires, transport water to other planets, and keep an eye on the sea level. In other words - enjoy the high quality and unique mechanics of numerous projects that will remain in your memory for a long time. Well, the rest is the details and your technique issues.