War games are one of the most demanded and numerical projects in the entire gaming industry market. Among the huge number of modern games, there is a whole scattering of classic representatives, which at one time became the “engines” of the entire market. Creating unique computer War Games, a huge number of developers were inspired by the theme and created new projects. But all this would not have been possible if a large number of users had not paid so much attention to high-quality modern military-themed games.

In the presented catalog you are able to find both real hits and promising newcomers. At the same time, it does not matter what genre your game is, you are guaranteed to get a lot of pleasure from the process itself.

Among the genres presented, you can find both real-time strategies that will allow you to build a military base, recruit fighters, train squads and start them up on difficult missions, and simple arcade entertainment. It is important to remember that all games have their own flavor, which will allow you to discover the plot for yourself in a completely new light. Gather forces, oppose enemies, and conquer total domination. After all, this is the main goal for any military project. Well, if you didn't manage to achieve victory the first time, then you shouldn't be upset. Glory always comes after long training as well as victory loves patience.