With the beginning of the quarantine in the year of 2020, most of the planet began to look for entertainment in new hobbies, one of which was computer games. And given the specifics of the theme that made everyone sit at home, it was difficult to find a more current genre of games. It is for this reason that new generation browser games about various viruses and other diseases have become incredibly in demand. Moreover, this applied to absolutely all user groups and all ages. Are you ready to try your hand in the fight against deadly diseases? Then do not hesitate to start playing!

In the presented section you will be provided with completely different possibilities. You can play both against viruses and on their side. In the first case, you will need to eliminate unpleasant diseases in every possible way. This can be achieved in hundreds of different ways and everything will depend solely on the project that you have chosen. But in the second case, you will need to develop a deadly virus and make sure that the maximum number of people die from it. In this case, your main task will be to confront the development of a vaccine. The one who can win this confrontation will receive the main prize.

Nevertheless, whatever you choose, an excellent project that will captivate you for long hours of active gaming will be offered to your attention. Here you can both simply distract from everyday worries and delve into the process of battles against a potential enemy for a short while, or get stuck in the game for a large number of hours. Choose what suits you best and enjoy the pleasant game mechanics!