For many people, the era of Viking domination in Europe was truly interesting, romantic, and exciting. But no matter what historians say, the Vikings themselves were a very amazing people who were absolutely afraid of nothing and no one and in every possible way instilled fear in everyone who even hinted at the possession of the north. It was for this reason that everyone was afraid of the Vikings, and those who were wiser tried to be friends with them.

An incredible number of really great films have been made about the Vikings and even more good books have been written. Many people all over the world know more about the culture of these fearless people than about other mythologies. Today every child knows who Odin and Thor actually are. And it is for this reason that the gaming industry could not pass by such a popular phenomenon as the Vikings.

In the presented catalog you will find numerous games in which the Vikings are involved in one way or another. You will get a lot of great impressions playing one of the many presented projects. Do you want to control a lone warrior and defeat enemies in batches? No problem! You have at your disposal a mountain of muscles, a desire to win, and a large shield with a sword. Well, if you prefer to fight with your comrades-in-arms, then choose a game where you will have to manage entire armies or individual groups of soldiers.

Whichever you choose, you will get an excellent opportunity to escape from modern problems and plunge into the atmosphere of the amazing times, when brave warriors from the north of the continent dominated.