Vex Games

Among a large number of different games, the Vex Games genre occupies a special niche, since it is a representative of classic projects that came to us straight from the era of the popularization of flash videos.

In the early 2000s, an animated video about a Stickman appeared in the world, which absolutely everyone adored. In this video, the authors showed how black men fought among themselves, using edged weapons and demonstrating the incredible possibilities of martial arts. The video turned out to be extremely detailed and liked by almost everyone.

Taking advantage of this excitement, some game developers began to create their own projects, which were stylized as incredibly popular characters, which are black men. This is how the genre began to emerge, which later grew into a popular series. Well, then the market saw the first games of the Vex category and it was from that moment that the industry began to be filled with similar projects using a similar storyline.

And speaking of the storyline, almost all Vex Games games are platform games where your character must survive. The main goal is the need to get to the finish line of the level and not die, which is a very difficult task because in projects of this category you will find traps, saws, cliffs, sticks sticking out of the floor, falling fiery waterfalls, etc. on every corner. The number and quality of traps depend on the developers of a particular game.