Games in this segment are popular and are regularly representatives of various world charts and profile TOPs. Now, many might argue that a lot of people got bored of the vampire theme and the genre itself does not cause a stir. But at the same time, it is worth remembering that the theme of vampires did not disappear. It just has changed if speaking about the film industry. A few years ago it was different. And naturally, the lack of such excitement on large screens is noticeable to the naked eye. However, in the gaming world, an impressive number of projects are still being released that are somehow connected with night bloodsuckers, and they are all very warmly welcomed by millions of gamers around the world.

Here are the best games of the genre that have won the love of users and a huge number of different prizes. With the development of technologies in the browser segment, more and more story projects began to appear, which now they present the user with a large number of game hours spent with pleasure.

Among the games presented, you will find both complex projects, where you will be asked to go through the game campaign for the chosen vampire, and the simplest arcade games, where you will need to kill vampires. In other words - here everyone will find entertainment for every taste. And it doesn't matter at all whether you planned to escape from the daily hustle and bustle and decided to enter the game for a short time, or you want to seriously delve into the gameplay that will give you an unforgettable experience for long hours. Choose any project you are interested in and get a new hobby for yourself.