Among the huge number of modern games, special attention is paid to projects in which the user has the opportunity to improve individual components of the game or the items used in it. Such offers are in high demand and are among the most popular in the browser segment. At the same time, it does not matter at all what genre this or that project belongs to. Any game will surely give you a lot of pleasant impressions and will become one of the most beloved in the current season. Don't you believe us? Then try to spend at least half an hour in any of the games presented and you will understand everything.

In the presented section, we decided to collect the best games where you somehow have to improve individual components. You can face both the usual racing simulator, in which you need to improve the car and with simpler options for "enhancers".

The incredibly popular games of the TD genre also belong to this category, where your main task is to organize defensive redoubts through which enemies will go to your main building. And if you place the defensive towers correctly and improve them in time, then you will definitely win.

It is worth noting that among the huge number of such games, there are most often projects in which the economic component plays a key role. You will have to earn in-game currencies through various actions, due to which you will make improvements. And if you calculate everything correctly, then these improvements will bring you even more money, which will lead to a cyclical process.