It is difficult to imagine any fairy tale or a magical world without unicorns. These amazing mythical creatures are kind, sweet, and absolutely always on the side of the world. It is for this reason that unicorns have become the most frequent and desired guests not only in computer games of various formats but also in TV shows, children's programs, feature films, and books. The popularization of unicorns has reached its apogee and these wonderful creatures can be found in absolutely any of the elements of modern culture.

In the presented catalog, we have collected the best games about magical unicorns. However, here you will not only have to admire them but interact closely with them. Among a wide variety of games, you will find those projects in which you will have to go together with new friends in search of adventures, treasures and some other things. However, together with such a faithful and magical companion, you have absolutely nothing to be afraid of, as together you can overcome any difficulties.

In addition to the obvious roles, you will find extraordinary games where unicorns will appear in a completely unusual appearance for themselves. Here you will get the opportunity to play as a unicorn - a crane operator, or a unicorn - a trolleybus driver. In other words, the imagination of the game developers of this cycle is absolutely limitless. Are you ready to plunge into the wonderful world of magic and recklessness? Then choose a role for your new friend and start playing.