The turn-based strategy genre itself became incredibly popular after the release of the cult series of games “Heroes of Might and Magic”. In those years, the mechanics of the game, in which each of the players was given ample time to make their own move, seemed new and fresh. And whatever you think today, this is still a convenient way to play. You don't have to rush anywhere and be guided by your decision making speed. Think carefully about your move and when you are ready to perform all the mandatory actions, then simply pass the move on to your opponent.

But to say that turn-based strategies are a relatively recent invention is in no way possible. This way of playing dates back to ancient times and when creating the computer genre itself, the developers were guided by the principle of playing chess.

In the presented section, you will find a huge number of games in which you have to control a character or whole kingdoms. And even though the overwhelming majority of related projects are carried out in the spirit of the Middle Ages, in the list of games, you will find more futuristic projects, each of which will pleasantly amaze you with its amazing mechanics and fascinating plot.

Compete with a computer opponent or other real users. Show everyone your tactical superiority and make your enemies fear you. In games of the Turn Based Games genre, the main factors are the ability to correctly prioritize and take the enemy's tactical moves seriously. And everything else does not require any clear actions and is a subject for the manifestation of creative potential.