Today in the segment of browser games there is a whole layer of different games, each of which has its own peculiarity, game mechanics, genre. However, among such a variety of offers, several games represent a whole layer of the cultural heritage of our time. We are talking about Trollface games, which first filled all modern memes, and then the gaming industry.

Among the huge number of games in the Troll Games genre, you can find both real classics and promising new ones. You have to solve difficult tasks, join the passage procedure, find and eliminate difficulties, and also constantly keep opponents or enemies in good shape. After all, if you play as a character who is the brightest representative of the Trollface genre, then you need to correspond to such a high and respected genre.

The presented catalog contains a large number of different genres, each of which will allow you to plunge into the special atmosphere of modern gaming. You will have to carefully follow all the basic requirements of the game mechanics and win in any situation. Are you ready to challenge numerous enemies and test your own strength? Then choose the game you like and start taking action!

Here you will find new friends, face new challenges, and learn the secrets of the modern world. In the end, you can save the galaxy from intrusive invaders. If not you, then who?