Almost everyone who is regularly at the wheel is actually more afraid of technical malfunctions in cars only because of traffic jams. There are no people in the world who love stuffy and tiresome traffic jams. Well, only if there is definitely something wrong with these people, but this is a completely different topic for discussion. The overall dynamics are unchanged - traffic congestion is consistently among the top unpleasant things that drivers get.

Every year, the leaders of various large cities all around the world are ready to do anything to stabilize traffic on the roads and minimize traffic jams. However, this task is becoming unbearable, especially as every year there are more and more cars, as well as drivers. And this dynamic does not appear to be negative. Everything is only getting worse.

It is for this reason that a huge number of studios have released their own vision of high-quality games, where the user is given the opportunity to regulate difficult road situations at his own discretion. You have the opportunity to understand the local area and in every possible way to avoid road accidents.

In games of this format, you will have to show all your ingenuity and management skills. You will need not only to correctly calculate the throughput capacity of this or that section of the road but also to well determine the degree of need to skip this or that direction. In general, you will not be bored. Here you will have access to a traffic light simulator and activation of traffic controllers. And what is much more remarkable - you will be in charge of all this at the same time. Are you ready for this kind of challenge? Then do not hesitate to start playing!