Tower Defense is perhaps one of the most popular genres, which is in high demand both on full-format gaming platforms and on browser versions. The beauty of games of this genre is that everything that happens on the map will depend only on you. There are no graphic frills. You do not need precise control and impressive computing potential of the computer. You can play your favorite game from anywhere and you will not feel any problems at all.

But as for the gameplay, then everything is very simple and clear. At your disposal is some kind of castle, building, treasure, or character that you have to defend stubbornly. And the thing is that various monsters encroach on the above property, which from time to time in waves try to storm their target. In order to prevent a breakthrough, you will have to carefully build numerous defensive structures that will not allow enemy units to pass. It's simple, isn't it?

As a rule, the first few waves are extremely simple and you will have time to deal with game mechanics. In some projects, the system will tell you how to properly organize defensive lines and where it’s much more profitable to construct towers. In other projects, you will get a huge amount of difficulties right from the first levels. Everybody here is pretty harsh and nobody will give you time for adaptation. A couple of minor mistakes and have to start over.

Games in the Tower Defense series will require you to have good planning skills. You will have to choose between the construction of new towers, but with low power of destruction, or the improvement of old towers, which is often much more expensive. However, it is worth recognizing that such improvements add a huge amount of bonuses to your attack. In other words, you will have to look for the most correct option for yourself based on your trial and error.

Games can differ in the number of enemies, towers, the degree of difficulty, the presence of technologies that need to be studied, or additional bonuses. It is difficult to say which of Tower Defense you will like the most, however, we are sure that among the presented projects is your favorite. Try each game and determine your favorite. And after that, try to win as many points as possible and cope with the maximum number of waves of enemies, which will only increase. But who said it would be easy, right?!