Some users prefer games in which you have to rely on the speed of reaction to the ability to correctly press the buttons. Another type of player offers more leisurely gameplay that allows you to perform all the same functions, but without being tied to the speed of completing tasks. However, everyone is united by a common feature of most modern games - people adore games where you need to show the logic and tactical superiority over the enemy.

There were so many such games that they began to be called Thinking Games. We have carefully selected the best projects in the category and are glad to present to you the most demanded and popular proposals, in which you will have to think carefully.

Among a large number of proposed projects, you will find representatives of completely different genres. If you think that only logical riddles await you under the flashy name of the category, then you are mistaken. Here you will have to face adventures, quests, simulations, and various adventure games. Well, if you don't want to delve into any plot lines, then just choose an arcade game with intellectual connotations. Such games will give you special pleasure and will not require a lot of time spent.

Choose any project you like, set records, show an advantage over your opponents, and constantly return to the game to maintain your own advantage. Get other players to spell your nickname with admiration and respect. Well, if you fail to conquer world domination, then do not be discouraged! Greatness is achieved through hard training. Everything else is a matter of technique and time.