When the first classic game called "Tetris" appeared, the whole world was faced with a colossal fever that engulfed everyone without exception. The vast majority of users who came across this game were incredibly passionate about the process of passing. Everyone wanted to try their hand at this extremely simple, but at the same time incredibly exciting project. People earned a certain number of game points and willingly shared the results with friends and family.

And such a demand was not surprising, as the creators managed to very successfully combine a logical chain, with the requirement to use tactics, logic, and, in the course of the promotion, also the speed of decision-making, which was multiplied by the reaction potential. A better list of features for an entertaining game is hard to come up with.

Over time, Tetris migrated from handheld game consoles to full-format PC platforms and browser games. Among modern game studios, there aren't a lot of them who have not tried or even created their own version of the incredibly popular Tetris, which soon allowed the market to become overloaded with a huge number of related games that created a whole genre.

Modern versions of everyone's favorite game are distinguished by graphical components and a huge number of innovations in terms of game mechanics. But even even though the classic game is already more than one decade and the general game mechanics should have been boring for a long time, this is not at all the case. Tetris, as before, is consistently included in the TOP of the most visited games and regularly collects exclusively the best ratings in its segment.