The gaming industry begins its journey of a truly popular phenomenon since when users got the opportunity to compete with a computer opponent. It was an era of an incredible surge in the popularity of all games, which was fixed more and more every year. Manufacturers and developers began to market a huge number of projects, each of which enjoyed its share of popularity. In those years, many games got their army of fans, and they all united only with one goal - to set a new record and defeat the computer.

However, at the beginning of 2000, Internet technologies began to gain popularity in the world, which opened the planet a new way of life and forever changed the world order. Earlier, receiving any information was considered a luxurious and sufficiently capacious event, but with the advent of the digital age, anyone could gain access to any layer of information.

But all this pales in the shadow of how the Internet has influenced the development of the gaming industry, which has turned all projects from single-player to multi-user. Gamers instantly felt the benefits of multiplayer and from that moment the gaming market has changed beyond recognition. Now users did not compete with soulless computer enemies, but with other users. And this brought a new round to the popularity of game projects.

But the special charm of multiplayer games brought not the ability to play against other people, but the ability to play in a team with other users. This is exactly the missing link that all the games of that time so lacked. Since then, gamers around the world have united in teams, created their leagues, and competed with opponents of equal strength. Many consider this the time of the emergence of modern e-sports, but the guys of that era were completely indifferent to what their passion for games could outgrow. They were immensely happy to play with friends.

Over the years, team play technology has transformed their full-length projects to browser games, and numerous developers have begun to offer their own gaming vision in new projects. Even though critics prophesied the failure of browser-based team games, everything happened exactly the opposite. It turned out that there are a lot of users in the world who, together with friends, play express games and defeat rivals. Join you in the new trend of team play, which will not leave you indifferent.