For the vast majority of people in the world, a taxi is a simple, convenient, and relatively affordable way to quickly get to the desired destination. You don't need to spend enormous amounts of money on buying and maintaining your car, especially if you don't drive much. And at the same time, you can always order a taxi, which will arrive at your address in an extremely short time and take you where you need to.

In the gaming industry, the profession of a taxi driver did not go unnoticed, and numerous developers proposed their own projects that were somehow related to taxis. You have a great opportunity to try yourself as a taxi driver and complete numerous orders, each of which will be replete with its own list of difficulties and adventures.

Are you ready to take on an order that will force you to lift passengers to the other side of the city in an extremely short time? What do you say if you have to work in high-risk environments? You will constantly cross uncontrolled intersections, where each participant in the movement will rush forward and the success of the order and the fate of a possible accident depends only on you.

Are you ready to look for options in which you, your car, and passengers remain safe? With such a tactic, can you manage to get people to their destination? To find out the answers to all these numerous questions, you will have to try your hand and delve into the gameplay of one of the projects presented.