There are a large number of various genres in the gaming industry, among which the Tap Games occupy a special place. The essence of such projects, as a rule, is to offer the user to achieve certain results via successive taps on the device screen.

Initially, such games were created as an element of tactile interaction between the player and the smartphone screen. However, the Tap Games has moved from the mobile entertainment format and taken up a larger share in browser gaming. Moreover, today numerous entertainments in this category are already being very successfully implemented on the full-format PC platform, but it was browser games that gave the real flowering of popularity to the genre.

The largest percentage of games in the category is occupied by projects in which the user is invited to achieve some success with constant interaction with various elements.

At the same time, there can be a huge number of subtypes and branches in the genre. This is what is great about the category - you are able to find here games on completely different topics, from dinosaurs to fantastic stories. If you like active games, then try to find your favorite among the proposed projects in this category!