Despite the fact that the idea of ​​creating computer games in the genre of survival all the years lay on the surface, the studios were in no hurry to create a large number of such projects. It would seem - what could be better than a cool survivor in these extreme conditions? But no. Only a few years ago, a large number of various survivors began to appear, which began to enjoy unprecedented popularity. Someone really liked the theme of survival in a harsh world inhabited by zombies, and someone prefers survival in harsh areas that are not suitable for life.

However, over the years, games of the genre began to evolve and absorbed a number of genres, which not only made modern games more attractive but also opened up a huge number of new projects to the world that became the hits of the season.

At the same time, you will have to survive not only in obviously bad places but also under the most mysterious and unusual conditions. Have you ever imagined a survival regime in the world inhabited by Lilliputians? Or how do you like the planet ruled by croissants and you must skillfully balance between hunger and fear of physical harm from croissants for eating from relatives? In other words - you will find unforgettable and extremely addictive gameplay that will give a huge amount of positive emotions.

So the games of the Survival genre have become not just the concentration of unfriendly units. They began to evolve into full-scale multiplayer projects, which attracted even more attention. Now the players were given the opportunity to survive not among strangers, but among their own, which gave the genre a special shade and added good notes to the gameplay.

There are games in which survival is a secondary goal. Here you have to deal with the construction and development of your own base and perhaps of a kind of defensive structure. In such games, it is extremely important to carefully and scrupulously organize a defense line, as unexpected enemies can get to the heart of your property and cause you devastating damage.

In other words, before you is a whole unexplored, interesting and fascinating world that requires your familiarization. Choose your favorite project and set records on a planetary scale in it. Soon you will be able to win and you will become a real thunderstorm of an incredibly harsh world where everyone wants to just survive, otherwise, the game will be over!