In quality games like in books, a good story is important. It is for this reason that in recent years the content of game projects has become no less important element than graphic support or control mechanics. Browser games began to appear on the market, and they were accompanied by interesting content and most of the users liked this way of implementing games. Even those players who traditionally prefer extremely simple games still appreciate projects that are based on a complex storyline.

Do you want to plunge into the wonderful world of someone else's history and experience all the delights of the storyline of the selected characters? Choose the right game and enjoy all the delights of an amazing story. In some projects, the system will invite you to participate in active actions that can change the course of history. In others, you will have to push the heroes of your story to the right actions that will help you complete the main missions. Whatever you choose, you will play with great pleasure and the whole procedure of the game will remind you of watching an interesting movie.

Speaking of films, among the huge selection of games you will find stories from famous films with the participation of equally famous characters. It is for this reason that the game can acquire additional interest and the plot of your favorite work will open from a completely new side. Are you ready to take an active part in the lives of your favorite characters? Then choose a project and start enjoying interesting stories.