Infinitely fun. This would be a simple description of the stickman genre of games. They excel in their amazing simplicity which allows for all the fun of their gameplay to shine. Usually they are co-op based, which means that they are made to be enjoyed with a bunch of your friends, dueling or brawling till death do you part. I myself am first in line to play these any time I find a new one, they can be of anything. Remember watching those stickman fight animations? Well this is it. But you are the badass stickman that destroys everything around him. Usually the character models are not too complex which only allow for some monstrously cool effects to emerge from them, demolishing your enemies if you are playing single player, or your friends otherwise.

These games will never be not fun to kill some time, or if you really catch a liking then some tens of hours. If one bores then just jump on another where you can do different stuff and the cycle never ends.

A plethora of games never ending, from duels, war games, sniping and archery, to minute genres like tower defense, super hero-like, racing games and the list goes on and on…

This much choice of stickman games is as much a childhood dream as an endless source of entertainment for teenagers and adults!

Once upon a time you may have had to download them onto your computer to play, play them via some sort of emulator or browse endless websites in order to find certain stickman games you were looking for, but that is not a problem anymore, you and your friends can stop your endless search for the next time-kill fun game to play!