The first games in which the protagonist was a man figurine received so many positive reviews that the industry spawned a whole series of similar games. This is not surprising at all, since the very concept of using the figurine has become something new, fresh, and unique. In turn, the figurine got a name and formed a whole genre of games, which became known as Stickman Games.

The main feature of Stickman is his dexterity, agility, airiness and tremendous speed of performing various tricks. This is the same character who can easily get rid of a huge number of opponents if you do everything right in time. Stickman Games are distinguished by dynamics, entertainment, and the highest level of animation. If you appreciate mass fighting games, where everything depends not on luck, but your abilities, then we strongly recommend trying one of the proposed games.

Our catalog contains the best representatives of the genre, each of which will pleasantly surprise you with the highest quality of performance and a good level of game mechanics. If you are eager to show everyone an excellent class in fights, then stock up on popcorn, because the spectacle will be truly legendary. Manage to carry out attacks in time, complete difficult levels, and set new records. Are you ready to show everyone your world-class craftsmanship? Get into the top of the ladder and make other players match your progress.