Stealth Games

Here is a genre that boasts some of the most well-known titles, and series of games maybe ever. If your parents are, or were into games, even they have probably played some first installments of those games. You needn’t delve deeper than Assassin’s creed, for whose developers  most consider to have made a grave error in leaving the original formula of classics, up to Assassin’s creed Origins which was the first to make this change and experience the backlash. Most will have enormously fond memories of the first few games in the series, enjoying them to no end.

Usually the story is not the main focus in this genre, amounting to simple plots and focusing on amazing gameplay based around stealth, weaving around and through armies of enemies, or stealthily executing them one by one, hiding your deeds so your other quarry does not spot you.

There are, of course, exceptions to the story rule with certain games excelling in both the gameplay and story aspect. The classic stealth game seems to have somewhat withered away with the old generation of games, even so, that has allowed for new unique games with stealth implemented in them, but not the main focus, to show up and surprise gamers with new possibilities they give, which do not seem to ever get stale. There are also stealth games which more or less make you feel bad for choosing the stealthy way, making it sound dishonorable. One such example is the amazing game Ghost of Thushima which encourages the honorable way of the samurai, rather than stealthily taking out your enemies.

None the less, feeling like a stealthy assassin will always be interesting and, easier or not, will never not feel bad-ass when you smoothly take out an entire base filled to the brim with enemies without them even spotting you once.