The classic Sonic game has become more than just a quality offering that has captivated the hearts of a huge number of players. Sonic's adventures became a kind of engine for the whole industry, which went through several cycles of evolutionary leaps. This development story was rooted in classic games, including Sonic. And when you are a living legend, the players will not forget about you even after a couple of decades. It is for this reason that a huge number of developers are releasing new games today that resemble the classic Sonic. And the name of this genre is Sonic Games.

Within the section, you will find a huge number of different games, each of which will perfectly emphasize the amazing image of everyone's favorite series. You can play as your favorite character, replay the game or enjoy completely new locations that did not exist before. Anyway, you will have a whole catalog of related games that are all the same. This is the very perfect case when you want to go through one game after another and not worry that the storyline is about to end.

Among the numerous projects, you will find both concept games featuring newfangled things and classic platformers. You can play the continuation of the classic game, or you can enjoy the new game mechanics under the control of your favorite character. Whatever you choose, you will make the right choice, as the importance of classic games cannot be overstated. Also, they cause a storm of positive emotions.