10 years. Exactly so much time is given to the owner of a patent right to single-handedly produce a self-developed product. In the case of games from the “Snake” cycle, a little more time has passed, and now, looking at the current popularity of the world hit, it becomes unclear why game developers have been waiting for so long with the release of a new game. However, the past can not be changed, so just let's take a look at the cycle of games of the future!

At your disposal is a cute and bright snake that carelessly crawls around the game world and eats numerous edible resources. With each new resource, your character is steadily increasing in size and gaining more and more game points. Ultimately, you can grow your snake to unprecedented sizes, which everyone will be wary of.

However, size advantages will not give you the right to move around the map without any problems, as the slightest contact with an opponent of even the smallest size will lead to defeat. Given this feature of the gameplay, users began to develop simple tactics that helped to survive as long as possible. And from here the development of a new snake received a whole new round.

But the new generation of these games is called to be more logical because Nokia introduced the prototypes of the game long before the total spread of the Internet in the world. In those days, a game with a straightforward plot literally captivated a huge number of users around the world and people no longer wanted to abandon mobile games on their phones. Many game developers still admit that their first creative inspiration was games from a Finnish mobile phone manufacturer.

Over the years, the snake acquires a completely new look, complemented by new components and game features. However, this is still the same, beloved, beautiful, and friendly game that does not give a chance for error and trains concentration as much as possible. Ready to try your hand and show the whole server who is the biggest, strongest, and most powerful snake? Then choose any project you like from the category and start eating fruits, vegetables, or other edible components. Unforgettable hours of exciting gameplay, which will stay in your memory for a long time and will make you come back again and again, are waiting particularly for you.