The series of games Snail Bob tells several unique stories about a charismatic, brave, and ambitious snail named Bob. Bob is fond of music, loves fishing; he has many friends and beloved grandfather. However, Bob has an irresistible passion for adventures that find him on the way. In each new mini-game you will face new challenges and tests that will make you think carefully in order to find a way out of this situation. Among other things, Bob is quite fearless and always ready to go through all the challenges to achieve his own goals.

In each of the games you will face different difficulties, and you will find yourself in completely opposite places of the planet where you have to look for a long way home. Some adventures will be exciting and fun, but the other will make you think carefully about how to get out of the global problem. But wherever you and Bob are going to - together you will be able to get out of any difficulty that in the future will be only a pleasant memory. Looking at this charismatic snail, it is impossible not to admit that he is a great fellow and deserves his victory!

Snail Bob 1

Help Bob find his way home through the thorns of construction. You will meet a huge number of obstacles and difficulties on your way, but they are all surmountable; and Snail Bob does not care a straw as he has a true friend in your face. Be careful as you can be trapped by difficult missions on every corner that will get complicated with each new level. However, there is always a way out, and your goal is to find it. Manage the movements of the main character and use all the tools available in order to get through a huge number of obstacles, traps or just dangerous areas to the end of the level.

You have everything that is around you at your disposal within the created location. Operate a variety of levers and counterweights, guide moving details in the right direction and create all the conditions so that Bob can move to the intended goal. All that is left of the people at your disposal! Remember that each level requires careful examination and a competent approach to the development of a winning strategy. Snail Bob guy is patient, he will give you time to think carefully to make the right decision. Great game to unload your brain and get away from ongoing cases for a while!

Snail Bob 2

Snail Bob is going to his grandfather's birthday and wants to gift him a beautiful flower. However, it would be so easy if the road did not pass through a forest full of dangers and obstacles. Help Bob find his way through a huge number of insidious troubles that prevent him from reaching his goal. You and Bob will be waiting for the evil inhabitants of the forest and their many dangerous traps at each new level that they have prepared for unexpected guests. Your success depends on well-thought-out steps and a well-organized strategy. 

Use sagacity and logic to get around all difficulties and to reach the intended goal. You may have to go through a difficult level again and again. But Snail Bob is no hurry, he will patiently walk with you across a difficult path full of entertaining adventures. Besides, you carry a gift to your beloved grandfather, and you can’t upset him, especially on his birthday. That is why you are sure to find your way through all the obstacles, which is interesting and fascinating to overcome! After all, at stake is not just the road leading into the unknown, and the responsibility for an important holiday grandfather!

Snail Bob 3

Wise and resourceful grandfather of Snail Bob finds a way to open a gateway to Egypt - a country full of surprises and mysteries. Our main character will have to go through many mysterious locations and get to the endgame, where he will get a real reward for the many difficulties. Unpleasant traps and a variety of problems wait for you on each corner and greatly complicate tasks.

As on previous occasions, you have to control Bob wisely and think over each next move. The success of the whole event depends on your strategic thinking. Snail Bob will obediently carry out all your orders, and you will make an amazing team that will figure this hard way out. Remember that this land is teeming with magical creatures, each of which wants to prevent you from achieving your goal. Nevertheless, all the difficulties are nothing when it takes a team led by you! Help our main character overcome all the obstacles and go through all the dangers in an absolutely strange world.

Snail Bob 4

Snail Bob has always dreamed of becoming a real astronaut. And he had been preparing for a new adventure all his life. And then one day, when Bob was watching the launch of a new rocket on TV, he was contacted by an officer of a space agency and said that the commission chose Snail Bob as the new recruit! Bob felt over the moon, but a huge challenge and numerous challenges awaited him in the near future. Help Bob prepare for a new stage in his life and become a real explorer of the vast expanses of space. 

Go through difficult tests that were prepared for our hero by the officer of the space agency. Experience all the delights of weightlessness and show remarkable ability of logical thinking, because the work of an astronaut is not only romantic views from the window of a starship, but also the ability to make decisions quickly and correctly in any situation. The work will be hard and long, but there is nothing that Snail Bob can’t handle with your participation! All the fun is waiting for you ahead! You need only to pull a couple of levers and allow a dozen interesting brain teasers. Roll up your sleeves and start exploring a new profession for Snail Bob!

Snail Bob 5

Our main character fell in love, and it is no less exciting event in his life than all his previous adventures. Seeing the poster of performances with a picture of his beloved, Snail Bob wore his elegant hat and moved through the woods to her concert. It seemed that everything is under control, but Bob's life is as rich and full of adventure as ever, and even such a harmless event as a journey through the familiar forest was another test for our hero.

This time the inhabitants of the forest and Bob's friends will help, but the task will not be so simple and boring for you in this case. You still have to solve puzzles, find new ways to complete the level and give carefully thought about the next step that will lead you to victory. You and Bob will face new difficulties and serious challenges around every corner, but they will be overcome for love that is waiting for Snail Bob at the other end of the forest. Help the main character get to the concert and find happiness of his life! Use your wit and beat the insidious inhabitants of the forest, who do not want Bob to get to wherever his heart says! Now Bob needs you more than ever before, because there is more than just adventure at stake.

Snail Bob 6

There was no hint of misery, Snail Bob was preparing to celebrate the most anticipated holiday of the year. However, he found out about the intrigues of evil Mr. Grinch that he kidnapped a faithful friend of Snail Bob on Christmas Eve. Bob, obviously, was distraught by such a course of events and hurried to help his friend. His loyal comrade an ant is also went looking for Snail Bob’s fellow. The ant always supports Bob. This time he will help him go through a difficult path to save a friend from the hands of the enemy.

Mr. Grinch lives at the other end of the forest. The whole road on the way to his evil abode is full of numerous pitfalls, traps, and dangerous inhabitants. Help Bob and the ant go through all the challenges and save a dear friend from the clutches of bloodthirsty Grinch. Success of the campaign depends solely on your intelligence, cold reckoning and ability to solve interesting problems. Do not let rogues-kidnappers spoil the most important holiday and break the idyll of the true spirit of Christmas. Return a dear friend to the festive celebration and defeat the insidious enemy who wants to spoil everything. Only you along with Bob and the ant are able to perform the task, otherwise the fate of a dear friend will be in danger!

Snail Bob 7

This time Snail Bob is in a difficult situation that is incredibly similar to a nightmare. After reading scary stories about the evil dragon, Bob turns out to be in a terrible world, which is very similar to the habitat of a horrible monster. However, our hero has got a lot of nerve. He will overcome all the difficulties and be sure to find his way home. But first of all, you have to defeat the dragon in order not to return to this nightmare. Where he is, how to find him and what other tests are waiting on the way - no one knows.

Help Bob find the way to the dragon and defeat him. Use all available tools and look for loopholes at each level. Try to go through numerous traps and gradually move to the purpose. Many tests and puzzles are waiting for you on the way, as well as a lot of insidious creatures who want to stop you and not to let you come closer to their bloodthirsty and terrible leader. Defeat all the enemies, go through the challenges, but try not to get into a fight. Even though you are a warrior, but the most difficult battle to win with patience and wisdom. You and Boba are a great team, and you will get to go all the way. Use all the power and courage of Snail Bob and direct him in the right direction, avoiding obstacles. And he'll do the rest!

Snail Bob 8

During ice fishing with his beloved grandfather, Snail Bob has fallen into trouble: he broke off on the ice and sailed into the open sea. But this incident did not happen by itself. Who is to blame for what happened, and how to come back home now - that's the main problem that you have to solve with your favorite hero. In turn, Bob’s grandfather did not stand aside. He sent a faithful sea friend to the aid, who also rushed to find his grandson. 

After a long journey with Bob, you find yourself on the hot sunny coast of the unknown land. You have to find out: where you are and how to find the way home. But the adventure would not be so exciting if you did not meet a huge number of difficulties, dangers, and mysteries along the way. It seems as if the whole world is against your homecoming, and the obstacles become more complicated around every corner. But there is absolutely nothing impossible for the right team of real friends. Help Bob go through numerous tests and return to his beloved grandfather, and then remember everything as a nightmare and another exciting journey with a smile. Become smarter, stronger and braver! And you will be able to defeat all the enemies on the way to the goal!