In 2016, everyone was struck by the premiere of the game, in which players needed to control a snake-eating ball. It was necessary to do this so that your snake became larger and larger in size and ousted all other players from the server. With a high degree of probability, the game would have passed public attention, if not for a series of videos on YouTube, which covered the simple gameplay. And so began the hegemony of games based on Slither, which began to appear one after another in huge numbers.

The developers of each game offered their own vision of the outside world, designer refinements, the cosmetic look of the character, and the variety of edible elements. However, all the games had similar gameplay with which no one wanted to experiment as it was simple and awesome.

But in fairness, let's note that Slither was not the first game in its class. This is just a modern version of the beloved Snake, which appeared long before the advent of Internet technologies in their modern form. And the first devices on which the Snake was ported were mobile phones from Nokia.

The Finnish manufacturer for a long time did not sell patent law to any of its competitors to integrate the game on other devices. For many buyers of mobile devices, the presence of a snake was a serious bonus when choosing a phone. However, over the years, technology has taken a serious step forward, and Nokia has not made any serious attempts to significantly improve the graphics of its gaming hit.

Over the years, the market of modern browser and mobile games began to replenish numerous projects that captivated a huge number of users and became the real property of the game world. All the charm of modern Slither Games lies in the simplicity of the gameplay and the ability to impose competition on the entire participant of the game session.

Choose the most convenient, comfortable, and stunning snake that you will like as the mechanics of your own control, and other components and set new records. Since the time of the classic game, the goal has not changed much - increase in size and gain the maximum number of game points. However, now you are directly competing with other real players who share the game server with you. Become the largest, strongest, and brightest snake in the game and make your opponents bypass you. This is the case when the game causes a pleasant addiction.