Among the huge number of different hobbies, skating is always at the top of today's youth. At the same time, no one is stopped by the complexity, injury risk, and other factors that are invariable companions of skating. And such a fanatical dedication to the hobby has attracted the attention of a huge number of developers around the world, which is completely unsurprising.

Games began to appear on the market in which the user was asked to show skill on a skateboard. At the same time, it doesn't matter how good you are at this business, both in life and in a browser game. You will have a huge number of chances to show everyone your own superiority and break all existing conceivable and inconceivable records.

Among the games presented, you have an opportunity to find various simulations. If you want to play as a young athlete who is famous for his performance all over the yard, then get ready for a long training and education procedure. It's one thing to show your class to friends and acquaintances. It is quite another to beat the best athletes in the world. But any difficult goal has a price and in this case, you will gain the status of a world legend with all that it implies.

Well, if you don't want to go deep into the game mechanics, storyline, and additional features of the project, then choose something much easier. Among the options offered, you will find a game where you will be offered to ride through various locations and collect various items. Whatever you choose and no matter how difficult your game is, you are guaranteed to receive a full range of positive emotions that will remain with you for many years.